December 17, 2013

Iron is Easy

It's the time of year when I don't even bother taking the cast iron skillet off the stove. There's always more chili to make, queso to cook, steaks to fry. Sometime I'll let the drippings sit a day (or two). Quick fill of water, stove on hot, scrape out what's left and you're ready for the next round of… whatever. 


GSV JR said...

My grandfolks never cleaned theirs. Said it "seasoned" the pans/pots. I try not to, either. Just wipe it out and grease the iron up to keep it from gathering rust. The greatest invention ever, other than tin pants/bibs.

Amatourist said...

i don't clean mine much either. just hot water and sea salt and a little olive oil and it's ready to go another round. indeed, terrific invention. at this point, the more maintenance-free items i can have around, the better. happy new year to and the fam.