September 9, 2012

Know Your Audience

Dothan, ALABAMA - " check this out. We go out to this bar th'other night. And I run into this guy I went to high school with. So I'm standin' there and he says 'Say mayin', you still up 'ere in DeeSee?' and I say, Yeah. And he says, "what're... you gonna run for fuckin' Congress or somethin'?' And I said, Sure man. Whatever. And he cuts me off and he says, 'Cause you know... guys like me... we vote. And I'll tell you what... we ain't votin' for no one in no God/Damned/Pink/Shirt."

When you live someplace where no one's from, the stories of homecoming are often the most colorful.


ekn said...

Ha! That one made me laugh:)

GSV JR said...

Agreed. Pink is for burgers and elephants.

Anonymous said...

So I guess he favored Ascot Chang?
Found you at the trad, enjoying your blog.

Amatourist said...

Douglas - i think the only thing he 'favored' was Copenhagen. much appreciate you dropping a note and I'm glad you're liking the blog. stop back often. SAM