June 18, 2012

Wrong Side

The Wrong Side is an effort to create something new and fresh through collaboration, always for the greater good. We feel that when passionate people work together, fantastic things can happen. And that no matter which side you’re on, so long as you believe in what you do, you’ll never be on the wrong side.

A couple summers ago my brother and I were down at Caroline Matthews’ Southtown studio – Dos Carolinas – getting measured for guayaberas, when we noticed heaps of cast-off fabric scraps. Cotton and linen and seersucker, all destined for the garbage. 

We asked to rummage through to see what might be salvageable in order to give it another life. That second life came by way of a collaboration of sorts, where we’ve taken this fabric and fashioned it into pocket squares and cocktail napkins. Everything is handmade in San Antonio by Fuerza Unida – a local sewing cooperative dedicated to empowering the community – and a portion of our sales will go back to them. 

This is our first collaboration and there’ll be more to come. But we started with fabric because we felt that it represented well the place in which we live. The fabric of our character, if you will… repurposed, with a purpose.

Stop by the website, let us know what you think, and check back at the shop, which we're building out each day. Meantime, if you're here in San Antonio, head over and say hey to our friends at Meadow, who've been good enough to sell our inaugural batch.  


GSV JR said...

And folks, these pocket squares (even the camo ladies) work (well) at christenings, weddings, graduations, and backyard barbecues. Trust me, I've done 'em all.

Amatourist said...

you're a good man, Stew. I'm on the record and am in full agreement with wearing mudflap camo to a christening.