May 14, 2012

Fine Swine

I was rooting around on the Slow Food South Texas Hog Blog the other day - because that seems as good a way to kill time as any - and came across this Fine Swine Cook-off and Flavor Fest happening next Sunday. 

It's presented by South Texas Heritage Pork, which you might remember as the generous donor of that pig head used for public deboning last summer at the Pearl Farmer's Market. STHP is Texas' first animal welfare-approved hog farm, and I may just have to go in order to atone for my sins of cheering for all the steer-tailing and horse-tripping a couple weeks back. 


GSV JR said...

oh man... been too busy to smoke lately. but i got a fix: an unorthodox version of tacos de cabeza made with a hog head in stead of the usual bovine. and when i say de cabeza i mean all of it: cacheta, lengua, sesos, and even ojo. made me realize dogshit would taste great on corn tortilas with tons of salsa verde...

Amatourist said...

yup... that's the full head al-right. i was about ten miles from the Mexican border last week, walking through meat markets and snapping photos of all the things that no one wants to think about when they're eating what they're eating. pics forthcoming... should be right up your alley.

So where in "The City Too Busy To Hate" (sorry, reading Tom Wolfe) did you find such a thing?