May 9, 2012


Every year we vow to wrap up Fiesta week with a visit southside to the Rancho del Charro for Charreada. And every year, come Sunday and the overhang from weeklong revelry, we opt for the couch. But this time, in prep for our fourth Fiesta in San Antonio, we displayed some uncharacteristically wise decision-making and went not for the closing weekend but rather the opening one (how the fact that there are two of these rodeos bookending the week escaped us for three years I do not know). 

Attending Charreada is not a passive affair. There's a full, very full, six days of party ahead, and drinking Modelos from word 'go' in the hot sun while taking in waves of kicked-up dirt clouds all afternoon means you've found yourself at 6126 Padre Drive because you want to be there. To get into those fresh tacos covered in cilantro. To get into that arena full of concrete and painted concrete, sombreros and mariachis. 

It delivers all the pomp you'd want plus everything you'd expect from an Old Mexican rodeo: dustbowl city, cheap street meat, broncs that don't buck quite so high, and bulls you ride not for eight but until they stop. And a few events that may or may not toe the line of animal... well it isn't animal happiness. But it's tradition. And tradition, like personality, goes a long way.

El Rey Feo 
La Reina



GSV JR said...

Just wow.

Amatourist said...

The glue factory was busy that afternoon...