April 30, 2012

Dispatch... Seattle

I've got a friend who's advice I've been taking for years on many things gluttonous. He's from New Orleans, and as such has some innate authority on matters pertaining to the overstuffed and ginned-up. The same man who sent a group of my friends to Jacques-Imo's nearly ten years ago, only to have Jacques hisself appear with a half dozen shots of scotch for them to take. Shots... of scotch... there's a reason people don't do this. The same guy who on more than a few occasions stained my patio with a blown out Fry Daddy. He was in Seattle last week and sent along a few words of his irritating goings-on. Good to file away for a future visit...

Landed yesterday mid-day and went straight to the bar of a cool little restaurant overlooking the harbor and the market. Grabbed a Bloody Mary made with aquavit vs vodka and a hoppy IPA, half dozen raw served with beet and kimchi ice and a lamb burger with goat cheese and bacon. Picked up some excellent suggestions from the bartender and cruised the water front.

After quick shower and shave we were back on the streets in an attempt to hit as many of the suggestions as we could. First stop Anchovies & Olives for another dozen raw (this time served with meyer lemon ice on one half dozen and a chile chive vinegar on the other half). A beer and a champagne for the lady. Confirmed by our waiter that our next few stops were key to a successful visit we hit up a place called Quinn's, a hipster gastropub populated by tatted up folks with lots of metal in their face.  Braised oxtail with a marrow custard bottom, some roasted veggies and a scotch egg (soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage casing then fried. I can't begin to envisage how you make that but the yolk pouring over the crisp sausage and bed of shaved Brussels sprouts was pretty amazing). Beer and wine also consumed. 

Next stop a small Italian joint called Spinasse. Had to wait at the bar for a bit where we had our first cocktails. I had something that was made with Bulleit rye, vermouth, grenadine, and bitters served up; S got something with ingredients that I've never heard of. Good stuff. Moved to restaurant and sat at the bar with a quarter bottle of red wine and the mixed antipasto (rabbit and chicory salad, prosciutto, water cress salad and some sort of cauliflower mash followed by a buttery sage angel hair which the guy cranked out in front of us, and some sort of delicious frozen nutty ice cream stuff for dessert). 

We spent close to three hundred bones grazing for six hours and had no trouble sleeping.  Good thing (generous company) gave us a ridiculous stipend and the bed was comfy. 

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GSV JR said...

Nowadays food is out of goddamned hand. Scotch eggs are great though. Like a euro corndog.