January 31, 2012

An Odd Chair

Every Saturday the Z likes to flop down and get into her Off Duty. A little mindless brain candy masquerading as journalistic conduit for Cooking | Eating | Style | Design | Travel | etc. Not exactly mental gymnastics, but the writing is good and I'll give it its due for escapism via newsprint.  

Anyhow, a few months back someone wrote a piece called "10 Odd, Yet Essential, Elements of Style." Not in the Strunk and White sense, it turns out, but rather in terms of decorating. One of these so-called essentials was the use of "an odd chair... desirable primarily for its amusing demeanor, making it more like a piece of sculpture in the shape of a chair." Now, I'll grant that this ain't exactly my forte, but we've got one such chair that seems to fit the odd bill. 

Picked it up in San Miguel de Allende. Paid a reasonable sum that quickly doubled with shipping. It arrived eight weeks later, delivered by pack mule, well-conditioned, and free of stowaways. Finally got 'round to having it covered recently with a piece by Elizabeth Carrington, a San Antonio-based artist/designer with a penchant for old David Bowie lyrics (as you'll see with the brief appearance of Golden Years). And now it sits, with no one sitting, just radiating its amusing demeanor... 

Sketch credit: Virginia Johnson/Random House via WSJ.

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GSV JR said...

Seat covering looks like an Andy Warhol/Lee Quinones collaboration.