December 6, 2011

No One Gets Religion at a Food Festival

the husks

the reveal

the spork (optional)

b/c who needs one anyway.

I was down in the Valley last week walking through a few of the Mexican meat markets, marveling at the pork picnics and butts, on-sale, dirt cheap, and right next to the corn husks and buckets of lard, spices, and steamers. Hadn't seen a set-up like this in some time; about a year, in fact, for it's tamale season in Texas. A season that brings the joy of food and tradition together to the benefit of all (including us gringos... if you know where to go, that is). 

So last weekend we scoped out some new places at the tamale festival. First up was Tamahli. Of all the vendors, this was the only one with any substantive line, which meant it had to be good. Because the masses... they always get it right, right? Well, score one for them. Pork with ranchero salsa came first, and then a slight deviation from the norm, Oaxacan-style chicken on a pressed square of masa, covered in mole and wrapped in a banana leaf. 

Next were the "cups" from Teka Molino. Not exactly a tamale but hey I'm no purist... deep fry a corn tortilla, shape it into a cup and fill it with picadillo and guacamole, and I'll call it whatever you want me to call it. Just keep 'em coming...


Amatourist said...

Martinez Barbacoa Y Tamales
728 Fredericksburg Road,
SATX 78201
(210) 734-6621

not represented but supposed to be lights out.

GSV JR said...

Oh good God. Love tamales. I need to get a sack of masa harina and just learn how to cook em up.

Amatourist said...

Stewart - my rec, leave the cooking to those who know what they're doing. Try as we might, I don't think perfect tamales are in our DNA.

GSV JR said...

Agreed. Sadly enough.

Yonder Faron said...

that almost made my stomach eat itself. painful to read about food I miss so much...