December 14, 2011

Chicks with Guns

There's something intoxicating about a woman who can handle a firearm and not make an issue out of it. As though it's a part of her. We've got them in spades down here, though the population (15-20 million strong) certainly isn't restricted to Texas...
Lindsay McCrum has captured just a few of them in her new book Chicks with Guns. No politics, no ideology, just a smattering of armed women that cuts across demographics, young to old, east to west, well-heeled to hard-scrabble, and all-confident and in their element in these self-styled portraits.
Ms McCrum will be on-hand tomorrow at Sloan/Hall for a book signing. I'll be there, just to see who shows up.
5922 Broadway
San Antonio 78209

... and yes, I realize that this will appeal to some of you more than others.

Alexandra & Truett
Houston, Texas
Ithaca 20-gauge side-by-side

Long Island, New York
Sturm, Ruger & Co. 20-bore over-and-under

Houston, TX
Sako .308 bolt-action rifle with scope

Photos credit: Lindsay McCrum via Wired.

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GSV JR said...

It's so much more appealing when they aren't all dolled up in some Barbour getup like it's time to bust pheasant or something...