October 16, 2011

By the Bay

“The pleasure of our company has been requested” twice now down at Mobile Bay, which juts inland from the Gulf of Mexico up toward Mobile, Alabama. Along its eastern shore is the town of Point Clear, and I simply cannot imagine a better place to be in early October. It's home to The Grand Hotel (est. 1847), whose storied history is spectacular, its tradition present; every day, barring lightning, a cannon is fired toward the Bay, both in remembrance of and to honor our military. "God Bless America," then, boom.

The weather was perfect for a celebratory weekend, and on Saturday morning we walked on the boardwalk, snaking along the water in front of homes that abut the shores. Afterwards we headed into Fairhope, a small town just up the road and cut straight out of central casting, pharmacy and all. Lunch was at the recently opened Thyme. by the bay. Specifics of the meal are fleeting - quite honestly I was too busy enjoying the moment - but we kept things simple with burgers and beers, each one refreshing in its own right.

If your presence is ever required in lower Alabama you'd be hard-pressed to do much better in terms of staying and eating.


One Grand Boulevard
P.O. Box 639
Point Clear, AL 36564


151 South Mobile Street
Fairhope, AL 36532


wholelarderlove.com said...

Man I love the look of that food!!!

Amatourist said...

truffle aioli on the burger and parmesan on the fries. it cured what ailed me. and on a perfect October day, sitting on a porch overlooking the water, it was just as lunch should be. another one for your list on next visit, I hope...

GSV JR said...

Love the live oaks. They always scared the shit outta me as a child. Coulda sworn they were movin' when I turned my back.

Anonymous said...

Picture 2 is Old Man's "wharf" (aka pier), next time you're there introduce yourself.