August 2, 2011

Urban Assault

Interesting trend, this camo proliferation, and only time will tell how far and how wide it’ll spread come fall. Hamilton Shirt Co., the venerable Houston-based fourth generation family run custom shirt maker, is making a bit of noise about its City Camo button down lately. Now, I understand that fashion and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but playing with a pattern as loaded with functionality as camouflage can get you into hazardous territory real quick. And honestly, unless your stalker ex-girlfriend is a snow leopard I really don’t get the utility. But that may just be my limited palate for gaucherie shining through. 

Caroline Matthews, proprietor of San Antonio-based custom guayabera maker Dos Carolinas, will be in Houston this week (Aug 3-4) for a holiday trunk show. I’ve had a couple shirts made by her - and have written about the process - and if you have the time I’d highly recommend making it over to Mariquita Masterson for measurements. Among its sizable fabric palate, Dos Carolinas has a camo pattern of its own that ought not to be missed. What with dove season rapidly approaching there may be no better time to stock up, though unless the birds have a sense of humor I’m afraid the tongue-in-cheekiness of the design may be lost. 

2505 River Oaks Boulevard
August 3rd-4th, 10a-5p

Caroline Matthews

City Camo shirt photo via: Hamilton Shirt Co.


Brian said...

I've always wanted a guayabera but given my northerly provenance, it always seemed...out of place. However, I could fish in that camo number NO problem. Definitely going to have to pay her a visit next time I'm in SA.

Amatourist said...

you'd be surprised, once you've got one on (especially a well-made one), just how versatile it can be... geographically and otherwise. i cruised through Boston all day in mine and never felt out of sorts. course, it's all about not letting the clothes wear you. i'm sure i read that somewhere.

Brian said...

The anti-Yaakov Smirnov school of sartorialsim. Like it .