August 11, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen

Earlier this year I grudgingly accepted the fact that my 14 y.o. 528i had run its course. At least with me. Or more importantly, with my ever-flattening wallet. It was only in the face of overwhelming unreliability that we parted ways, and I use that term in the strictest sense because like some poor sap punching above his weight I was willing to stomach a lot just to hold onto her.

There were the busted cup holders, a minor nuisance. A broken passenger door handle that went unfixed for months, which did wonders for my chivalry quotient but got a little awkward when someone other than the Z was riding shotgun. The loose fender that would drag a bit after hitting a speed bump. The leaking hose that consumed a quart of power steering fluid a week. And the oil pan... that was the kicker. Fare thee well, friend.

Someone got her for a steal and with a little love & tenderness the ol' gal'll back on the road lickety split. 

As I was reminiscing I tripped across a couple odes to the heritage and provenance of the Ultimate Driving Machine that are as timeless and beautiful as the machines themselves...   

BMW Unscripted videos via: Ad Age.


Emily said...

German cars are the best. My friend has a BMW M3 that is unbelievable. I wish I could ride in cars like these all the time!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I've got a 97 528i 5speed. Love her to death...she has 130K on the odometer. My 3rd one...the first 2 BMWs I had tallied up a comined 400K before I sold them. Once they hit 100K on the odometer,little things and big things begin to require maintenance...but they're awesome cars and are no less reliable and costly than a Japanese car over the life of the vehicle. Believe me.