June 19, 2011

You Can Tell A Lot

Dad always said you can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his shoes. Polished and buffed... a good pair of shoes'll last you longer than you'll need 'em, if they're cared for. He taught me some tricks of the trade before I was old enough to even wear shoes that needed caring. His boots were my lessons. Class on Sunday. Dad in the chair, pull-tab yellow bellies, golf on tv made for a quiet afternoon... though the Cowboys inspired a little more color.  

These are the perfect memories I'm allowed to have.


Erica said...

This made me teary. Love memories like those ones... and love your blog, friend :) EB/O

Andrea said...

have had my hands full a little lately, but just caught up on some "amatourist" reading and I just loved this piece! It made me think of you pulling out your polishing gear while we were watching the OC when we were visiting you and Marj in DC!!

Amatourist said...

EB/O - thanks for that. some lessons are worth jotting down.

AJ - wow, what a host. if memory serves I was quite sick... and apparently unable to reach the remote.