June 14, 2011

Roadside Eats - Alabama Jacks

You can get from Coconut Grove in Miami to North Key Largo in less than an hour. It’s a trip I’ve had the good fortune to make a number of times these past few years.  Hit the split at US-1 and the Old Dixie Hwy, left at the Last Chance Saloon, and skip over Card Sound Road into the Keys. But just before you pay the toll get ya’ a pit stop at Alabama Jack’s. Since 1947. We'll call this leg one of the Upper Key Doble...

They call it weathered… I call it grizzled. They say it’s Downtown Card Sound... I say it’s the only taxable commerce within an 11-mile radius. Bikers welcome… all others discouraged. Live band playing Willie when we walked in, which was as much a welcome as we might hope for. Sat along the rail looking over the mangrove forests, watching the boats head out toward Blackwater Sound, drinking Red Stripe and eating grilled dolphin and shrimp and conch fritters. “Best in the Keys.”

58000 Card Sound Road
Key Largo, FL 33037
305/ 248-8741


GSV JR said...

All conch I've had has been tough as truck tires. It's a lot like eating gizzards, which has never been a fun activity for me. So I'm guessing the Keys can cook up a tender conch. One would hope.

wholelarderlove.com said...

This is on my list for the next USA visit! Amazing!

Amatourist said...

I'm telling you... you could do a lot worse than a run south from Miami to Key West. and with that Australian passport of yours, what's to say you don't just hop a boat and press on the 90 miles to Cuba.