June 5, 2011

Heritage (est. 1852)

No more than a half hour west of San Antonio, just outside Boerne, sits Herff Ranch… its entrance marked by a non-descript stone post that at 70mph would go unnoticed. But a closer look shows that it was established in 1852, and for the past 150-plus years has been operated by the same family; that little milestone got it into the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Family Land Heritage program last year, which is a good thing, what with that devastating sprawl butting up against the fence line.

We lucked out – friends of the family – and designated as such spent part of the Memorial Day weekend in the hills poolside.  Then skeet shooting until sundown, at which point it was time for sundowners: first gin of the season (a Southside Fizz… more on that later). I woke up early the next morning just before the house stirred and grabbed a coffee and a shot of the oak trees stretched out.  


GSV JR said...

Women shooting guns is erotic.

Amatourist said...

Thought that'd offset the infraction of just shooting clays.

GSV JR said...

It surely did.

wholelarderlove.com said...

You had me at ladies in shorts shooting 12g.

Wish I was there.