March 30, 2011

Local Spicer

After lunching in East Dallas this weekend we happened into Spiceman’s FM 1410, the storefront for Tom Spicer's provisioning services. Mushrooms, micro-greens, vegetables, herbs, etc., direct from garden-to-kitchen for some of Dallas' more discerning chefs. Organic and in my backyard?  I can see the attraction.

Were it not for the fun they seemed to be having I mightn't have ever given it a second thought; the sign above the door gives absolutely zero indication of what’s behind the gate. But as I walked by I noticed a couple of folks milling about around a farm table inside, drinking Tecate and playing music. Quite naturally I was intrigued.   

The whole operation looks like a Utopian experiment from the 60’s that no one ever bothered to quit running. Food is grown predominantly in the back of the store on a rather impressive plot of dirt. They were friendly, as you'd imagine, eager to show us around and itching to sell us a dime bag of 'shrooms.

It's locavore impressively done, lifestyle and all. Obviously there would be no website, but a quick search turned up nearly 1,000 hits (late to the game is how I roll). Lots of “eat local” chatter, “save 1410 from the parking lot they intend to drop on top of the garden,” and the like… it clearly has some equity with those in-the-know, and now I know why.

Spiceman's FM 1410
1410 B North Fitzhugh Avenue
Dallas, TX 75024

Scrolled Fiddleheads, of which they were particularly proud, and for good reason

That's not all we grow!

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