August 2, 2010

The Man with the Large Band

Of course you know who this is. But maybe you need to get re-acquainted. The Z and I caught American Routes on Sunday, coming home from a weekend in the Hill Country. I always love a good Nick Spitzer interview on a late afternoon drive, and yesterday's was with the classic Texas singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett. A little blues, a little jazz, western swing, waltz, gospel and country; the man and his Large Band can do it all. 
Like every other fan of his, I have fond memories of listening to Mr. Lovett's albums and seeing his performances. He really is in a league unto himself when it comes to class and charisma on-stage. 

Every year he played the concert series at the Wolf Trap, and every year we Texas transplants would make the pilgrimage out to Northern Virginia to see him. Sitting on a lawn, having our drinks, and enjoying a midsummer evening. But the best show I ever attended was at DAR Constitution Hall. It was an acoustic set and inexplicably ill attended, so our cheap seats quickly became great seats, courtesy of an usher either not afraid to flaunt the rules a bit, or more likely under orders to fill the empty space with whatever riff-raff he could find. 

Live in Texas was the first thing I listened to the night my brother, having just helped me move 1,500 miles away from home, hopped a plane back to Austin. I was 22 years old, alone in a new town with no friends and staring into the unknown... that album re-centered me. 

And eight years later, on my wedding night, I danced with my new wife to one of those songs. 

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Meredith McBrearty said...

This one makes me want to cry!