August 13, 2010

Roadside Eats - Mac & Ernie's

The Z and I had been meaning to get out to Mac & Ernie's Roadside Eatery  in Tarpley for over a year, ever since accompanying our PRCR compadres at a Central Market cooking class last spring. Actually it was more of a drink wine/watch chef Naylene Dillingham-Stolzer fry quail and grill lamb chops and spin yarns about cooking excellent food in a wall-less kitchen atop a concrete slab w/ nothing but propane burners and some prep tables. 

Mac & Ernie's is famous for its lunch only cabrito burgers. This goat, in fact, is the restaurant's raison d'etre; Naylene raised them, but here in the land where beef is king she had a hard time finding a market. Thus, in 1999, the Roadside Eatery was born. 

Alas, we were there for dinner, so the cabrito burgers were not to be. But we sated ourselves handily with the mahi mahi (w/ lemon aioli and greek yogurt sauce), grilled ribeye, fried catfish (it takes some skill to make catfish not taste like bottom-feeder, and M&E performs the task w/ precision), fried scallops (they look like hushpuppies and taste like fried butter), and homemade chocolate cream pie. 

Clean living indeed. And we'll be back for lunch. 
11804 FM 470
Tarpley, TX 78883

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