July 23, 2010

Saturday Night Special

If self-sufficiency were a martial art, I'd probably rank myself a brown belt (that is the one below black, right?). So when the Z abandoned me on Sunday for sunny South Florida for six days, I fretted of course, but on balance a week of bachelorhood wasn't such a daunting proposition. 

Just that weekend, the Dallas contingent of the family was in San Antonio visiting, and after a long Friday night and Satur-day spent carousing around some of our favorite bars and eateries, we opted for a late dinner-snack at the house on Saturday evening. On hand... the holy trinity of cheeses (rouzaire/cow, manchego/sheep, and something else/goat), truffled salami, stuffed olives, and pickled artichoke hearts. It's a testament to my bachelordom - and my enviable resourcefulness - that the leftovers sustained me for my next three dinners. Amazing how far little oil, orzo, and basil pesto can stretch the other scarce provisions one has laying about.  
But if I must give credit where it actually belongs, what really helped was the wealth of archived recipes still parked on Gourmet Magazine's website, which resides in a kind-of cruel purgatory on the information superhighway - ostensibly dead, but somehow occasionally spitting out new content. Like Tupac. I feel like Charlie Brown kicking a football whenever I see something fresh pop-up... This time that bitch won't pull it away! Then *AAUGH* nothing. Flat on my back. And once I get up, I realize that the magazine, and its website, is still very much defunct. So my excitement about the purported new iPad app Gourmet Live (coming fall 2010) can only be explained by selective amnesia (and wishful thinking, considering I don't have an iPad)...  
Hopefully Gourmet Live's success will be of the overwhelming variety, such that Conde Nast will see the error in its ways and resurrect this fine publication. The prose and photography always worked in such perfect harmony. Travel + Culture smart and envy-inducing. And Food Politics, so effectively reminding us of what terrible people we are. Well, not us, but other people. So please, if the app actually happens, please ... click, browse, follow, friend, whatever. Just get it out of limbo. And send me an iPad. 
... after all, where else is one going to find a picture of a saturday night special and a tumbler of whiskey featured side-by-side in an article about Tennessee liquor legislation? 

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