July 9, 2010

Laws & Sausage

Kiolbassa Provision Co., San Antonio - "Never watch the making of laws or sausage... you'll lose your appetite for both."  Or something to that effect is how the saying goes. So it was with some trepidation that I accepted my friend's thoughtful invitation to tour the Kiolbassa sausage plant on San Antonio's west side, because quite frankly my appetite for its products is considerable and I'm in no hurry to lose it.

The company's history goes back to 1949, when Rufus and Juanita Kiolbassa started a small meatpacking operation in San Antonio. Over the next 60+ years, and through two subsequent generations of family leadership, it would grow into one of Texas' largest sausage manufacturers. 

From the quality cuts of meat to the natural pork casings to the process by which the sausage is made, it was plain to see that the company's authentic, original methods carry through to this day. They actually have a woman who comes in three days a week whose sole job (by her choosing) is to peel and mince garlic.   

It's location is another marvel: one of Texas' best sausage makers - in a state full of quality sausage makers - is situated in this nondescript building nestled between produce warehouses within two miles of the heart of downtown San Antonio. Just another way how this city, seventh largest in the U.S., still functions as a small town. 

3,000lbs of cured deliciousness, 
just out of the smoker
Hand-tied Polish links. Smoked in small batches and sold out the front door. 

1325 South Brazos Street
San Antonio 78207

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