July 9, 2010

Forever Texas Sky

"For Many People around the world, great open spaces - where prairie and mountains meet the sky - symbolize Texas, where the West began" - T.R. Fehrenback in Texas: A salute from above

July 4th, various points across Texas - over the long weekend, my brother and I, respectively traveling northbound Hwy 281 (b/t Marble Falls and Dallas) and westbound Hwy 90 (b/t San Antonio and Marathon) grabbed a few photos of a Texas sky that seems to go forever. That we did this without fore-planning was a glorious coincidence. 
The topographical variations that the sky watches over illustrate well the magnificent diversity that we cherish so much. Above, the Pecos River winding through Val Verde County. 
Lone windmills working away. 
Rural landscape at 75 mph. 
Dallas skyline. Big D, the heart & hub of North Texas, whose reach extends far beyond the height of its skyscrapers.

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