December 31, 2014

So get out there and try your best…

"473. You can't drink champagne from the bottle. But you can try."

source: Rules for My Unborn Son.

December 18, 2014

Evolution of a Program

"Throughout the 1940s, (Lon) Keller and other syndicated artists (such as Larry Tisdale) used women to put a glamorous face on football. In keeping with magazine cover art of this era, the image of the vivacious, well-groomed young woman - the slightly-sexy girl-next-door - had become a marketer's dream. Putting a 'pretty girl' on the cover of anything helped it sell in the 1940s, and with thousand of American men away from home during World War II, the female covers were a way to suggest that women could also be paying fans at football games." (source)

For whatever reason - filling the void of a football-free Saturday, the void of a family-free home - I was looking through this absolute goldmine of old Texas Longhorn Gameday Programs. All these here are from the forties, and each decade carries with it its own story; 50s and 60s... nothing but cartoons.

One of the best is from the 1920 "Longhorn-Farmer" Turkey Day game. Damn Aggies, even then. (full gallery here)

December 2, 2014

Next One not the Last One

Early on in this process of building up Wrong Side someone told us not to sweat the design too much… because it'll never be finished. Sage wisdom but nevertheless we sweat buckets over it. And b/c of that we're pretty fired up about this latest iteration, new cuff and all. Designed in San Antonio by the very talented Jamie Stolarski. From the first one, to the next one, here's a quick look at the evolution. #wearitwell

October 24, 2014

Welcome to Nowhere

I know not these towns 
through which we pass. From 
here            to           there. 
Mile markers of shattered glass, and 
withered walls. 
Where once stood tall 
the dreams of men, the lives they'd made. 
Now trodden down
beneath them hum of a 
pace so fast. One has to ask.. 
'What's to come of the old small town?'

Premont, TX [b/t here and the Rio Grande Valley]

Evant, TX [b/t here and Ft Worth]

August 20, 2014

From An Outsider's Eyes

I never sit and write anymore. Which is a shame. It's a sort of therapy, clears the deck  on a thought or a memory that's been rattling around. It helps me to connect the dots. Writing opens me up, keeps me honest. And I've found that to be honest with oneself foremost is to be honest with the world around you. To observe, to document, and to put a lens on the sight that is yours and yours alone. Raw, and without judgment.   

But I get tired of me real fast. And that's when I find it best to look outside, to those from elsewhere, who've experience different things and live a different life and evangelize for those passions that they hold so dear…

This weekend I'll spend up in Elkhorn, WI at Camp Wandawega, where the Low Brow Manifesto promises nothing more than "the simpler pleasures of simpler times." The draw is the Whole Larder Love workshop, put on by dear friend Rohan Anderson whose passion for practical living with a reduced impact is as magnetic as it is well-documented

Many friends will be there, some new, some newer. And all will bring with them a piece of their world. A world I look forward to experiencing.

August 12, 2014

Everydayness (of a time)

Mexican Market on Laredo Street, San Antonio (ca. 1926). Shanty building offers herbs, medicine, and pottery (de San Felipe y Guadalajara). 15 cigarettes will set you back $0.10, Baby Ruth’ll cost you $0.05.

Boxing Tuesday Double Windup, Feb 2nd @ Market Hall (Vasquez vs. Merino, Forrester vs. Aguilar). Prices are $1, $1.50, $2 though I cannot tell what that’ll get you. Oh and the man running for Bexar County Sheriff “Respectfully Solicits Your Vote.”

the Texana Collection @ the San Antonio Public Library offers a mountain of images like this, for folks who want a true glimpse at the everydayness of life from a time gone past.  

June 30, 2014

Between the Cars

Above it reads… "I work with her." And I wonder if he does.